With so many essential oils on the market, it can be confusing to decide where to buy essential oils. Here are some things to consider: Make sure to always buy 100% pure therapeutic essential oils, as there are some companies who try to pass on synthetic oils are true essential oils. Steer clear from essential oils bottled in plastic. Dark colored glass bottles are best for preserving the properties of essential oils. Click here to see a brand comparison on top brands!


Why I use Mountain Rose Herb

  • All essential oils are 100% pure, steam-distilled that undergo rigorous quality testing that is overseen by a certified aroma therapist.
  • They purchase directly from the growers which keeps their oils affordable.
  • Their customer service is always friendly, helpful and respond promptly to emails.
  • They offer a 60 day return policy.
  • Their free catalog includes recipes, tips and how to’s!

Other fun facts:

Mountain Rose Herb is leading supplier and has been in business since 1987.
They have a strong mission to focus on people and planet before profit. They also have a strong commitment to organic agriculture as they work closely to the farmers, distillers and herbalist in order to achieve the highest quality of essential oils possible.