These bath salts are so relaxing and have many health benefits such as, ease stress, relieves sore muscles, removes toxins from body and much more!!  These are simple to make and makes great gifts.



You will need:

2 cups epsom salt (buy here)

1 tablespoon water

3 drops food coloring (buy here)

3 drops vitamin e (buy here)

15 drops lavender essential oil (buy here)

Lavender buds (optional) (buy here)

Silicone mold (buy here)



1. Mix your epstom salt, water, vitamin e, essential oil, and food coloring into a glass bowl.


2. Use a spoon to scoop into silicone mold.


3. Sprinkle on lavender buds, if you wish. Then let them sit overnight.


4.  Store and enjoy!


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