Come out of the bath not only clean but moisturized!



You will need:

1 oz. coconut oil (buy here)

½ oz. coco Butter (buy here)

½ oz. shea butter (buy here)

1 chamomile tea tag (find at grocery store)

¼ tsp vitamin e. (buy here)

15 drops lavender essential oil (buy here)

silicone mold (buy here)



1. Measure out your lard. (Coconut oil, Coco butter, Shea butter)  then pop in microwave for about 3 minutes or until melted.


2. Stir in your chamomile tea, vitamin e and lavender essential oil


3. Pour into silicone mold then pop in fridge to cool.


4. They should pop out easily, if using silicone mold.



5. Ready to use!!! Though, you may want to store these in fridge as they can melt in warmer temperatures.



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Bath Melts